The Lion of Judah Academy - Bulima, Tanzania
Serving AIDS orphans and underprivileged African children

Loving God's Children -- Teaching Christ's Truth

The Lion of Judah Academy is a private Christian primary and secondary school located in Bulima, Tanzania, East Africa. Its main goal is to provide an excellent but affordable education to the children of Tanzanian pastors, church workers and Bible college students, as well as to AIDS orphans.

The committed and faithful Christian workers of Tanzania usually lack the resources necessary to send their children to high-quality schools. One of the most painful sacrifices these dedicated servants of God often must make is the sacrifice of their children's education. And AIDS orphans are among the poorest of the poor; their situation is desperate and growing worse.

God is working miracles and changing lives through The Lion of Judah Academy...we welcome you to explore this website to see for yourself! We hope you will join us in this great adventure.  The Lion of Judah Academy accepts students from all tribal and faith backgrounds.

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Lion of Judah Academy
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Lion of Judah Academy

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